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To understand the private collection which is sheltered by the Wine Documentation Centre of Dinastía Vivanco, you have to know the oenological tradition of Vivanco’s Family, which goes back to the beginning of the 20th century. The passion for wine and the enterprising spirit are still untouched decade after decade and, in the third generation, it is transformed into a philanthropist wish of introducing to everybody what wine symbolizes, not only in the bosom of this wine-producer family, but also in art, culture and humanity.

So, Pedro Vivanco Paracuellos starts to acquire at the beginning of the 70’s, the first museographic pieces, of any kind, and also books from different ages and oenological thematic. Nowadays, we can talk about an unprecedented collection which is the soul of the Museum of the Wine Culture, world-wide concerning, and of the Wine Documentation Centre. Both are key places to make real the reason by which Dinastía Vivanco Foundation was born: to investigate, to spread and introduce, tirelessly, the wine culture in its several statements.

Eight years ago, it was begun the cataloguing, in computer medium, of the different document funds, task which is still going on due to the collection volume and the constant acquisition of chosen documents and national and foreign materials.
It is in 2004 when Wine Documentation centre was opened.

It aspires to become a point of world reference, not only for its collection but also for its offered services.

The collection is composed by more than 8000 monographs, specialized magazines, coins and notes, postcards, photographs, videos, audios, and so on…from all the world and from every age.


The FUNCTIONS of the library are:

  • To gather, catalogue, preserve and divulge the bibliographic funds which it contains.
  • To promote the research and the spread of the wine culture through the bibliographic funds.

The SERVICES which are rendered by the library are:

  • Reference service and general information.
  • Access on line to the computerized catalogue.
  • Consulting of the funds in the library. The borrowing at home can not be done, by any means.
  • Funds reproduction.
  • Selective spread of the information.
  • Purchase of images on line.
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Normativa de reproducción de documentos

The restrictions and limitations for the reproduction of concrete funds have its basis in the respect for the valid legislation- Copyright Law- or in measures designed to the wholeness protection and good usage of the funds.

  • The reproduction of works which do not belong to public property, that is to say, subjected to copyright duties, will only be possible when it is non-profit-making and just for researching purposes.( Art. 37.1 del RDL 1/1996): “ The holders of author’s copyright will not be able to oppose to works reproductions, when they are non-profit-making by museums, libraries, sound archive, film archive, newspaper archive, of public ownership or involved in institutions of cultural or scientific character, and the reproduction is one exclusively for researching purposes” ”
  • Wine Documentation Centre (W.D.C.) is not responsible of the usage which could be done of the reproductions against the author’s copyright protected by Law.
  • They are excluded from any type of reproduction the works which are on-sale. The data base ISBN is available for the users.
  • In fulfilment of copyright duties and with the aim of guaranteeing the preservation of the bibliographic funds, the user will obtain by him/herself a maximum of 20 photocopies of the same work- monographs- and of the same number- paper and magazines-, whenever they are older than 1958, inclusively, and never more than a third of the reproduced work, in any case, and if they are in good conditions of preservation, in opinion of the responsible librarian of the fund. If its preservation state does not allow it, photocopies will be obtained from microfilm. Work’s photocopying will have to be done with special care, without forcing the opening angle to avoid damages in the funds.
  • Drawings, photographs, pictures and maps can just be reproduced by means of photographs, the same as materials with special characteristics of size, preservation and so on.
  • In the application form, it will have to be specified if the purpose by which reproductions are requested is research, publication or exposing. Each usage is perfectly regulated. It is not allowed the cession of images provided or authorized by W.D.C. with different purposes to the ones expressed in the different licences granted by the institution: research, publication or exposing.
  • Reproduction applications will be always authorised by the responsible librarian of the fund.

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Wine Documentation Centre Dinastía Vivanco is placed on the first floor in the Wine Museum Dinastía Vivanco.

In its consultation room, there are 8 places for study, perfectly prepared, an OPAC and two audio and video boxes.

To come to the Documentation Centre, it is necessary, to make a book in advance, by telephone: 941.32.23.05 or by email: biblioteca@dinastiavivanco.es or writing an e-mail throughout our contact form.


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